Hostel Monasterio de Moraime

Hostel Monasterio de Moraime

Sleep in an 11th-century Romanesque monastery, a unique spot that’ll make you feel like a real medieval pilgrim, equipped with all the comforts. A space for resting in a setting marked by the peace and quiet of Moraime and the mysterious atmosphere of the Costa da Morte, a unique part of Europe marked by legends and the brisk Atlantic Ocean wind. It is located on the Way of St. James in Muxía, only a few metres from the Lighthouse Route. A completely refurbished historical building, where you’ll find everything you need to recharge your batteries and continue your journey, facing the Ria of Camariñas.

The building housing our hostel was a Benedictine monastery, one of the most influential in the area up to the 15th century. It now welcomes travellers and pilgrims who want to the enjoy the area in a peaceful, historical setting that is well located to discover the most important tourist sights in the surroundings.

Share a room or book our suite and experience first  hand the intensity of Muxía and Moraime, the area’s natural beauty and the mysterious local culture.


Auto check-in 

An establishment combining the tradition and purity of the Way of St. James, adapted to new technologies. The Monastery of Moraime features a completely automatized self-service for checking in. If you have a booking, enter the booking code that we sent you in your confirmation e-mail and follow the steps indicated by the terminal. If you don’t have a booking, just press the icon “I don’t have a booking” and continue with the guided process.

You access our hotel by entering a numerical code into the electronic panel at the right of the main door. We’ll send you the code in your booking confirmation e-mail. If you don’t have a booking, just ring the bell.

ATENTTION: Access by that code will be active until 10:00 PM only . Acces by your personal magnetic key card will be ready during all your stay. You must give it back at the check out time to one of our staff member, including you check in document. If you have any help, please do not hesitate to contact us at or +34 881 076055.