The municipality of Muxía is located in the western part of A Coruña province and has 4,941 inhabitants. It is part of the Fisterra region, known as the “end of the world,” in the middle of the Costa da Morte.

A small fishing town whose tranquil streets contrast with the rough sea bathing the Muxía coastline. The site of numerous shipwrecks, it also features amazing panoramic views as well as countless attractions in the surroundings. The following are some of the most outstanding:

  • The area’s main attraction is the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Barca and its stones, linked to the history of Muxía and the place where one of Galicia’s most popular religious celebrations is held, declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest.
  • Visit archaeological and monumental attractions such as the 12th-century church of San Xulián de Moraime, declared an Artistic-Historic Ensemble in Compostela’s Romanesque style. Outside the town, we also find the 12th-century parish church of Santa María, featuring a Romanesque façade as well as other elements in the same style and pointed arches.
  • For curious ones, we recommend visiting the Volunteerism Museum, which houses a permanent display featuring photographs of the Prestige oil-tanker catastrophe off the Galician coast. + info  
  • The Touriñan lighthouse is an ideal place for contemplating a nice sunset, while a few kilometres from Muxía is the lighthouse of Cabo Finesterre, which represents the end of the world and, for many, the endpoint of the Way of St. James. Although you have to make a short trip, it is well worth visiting.
  • The surrounding area features exquisite gastronomy with a great variety of local products, such as Muxía conger eel, Camariñas octopus, Fisterra “Longueirón” (razor clam) or algae from the Merexo culture bed. Enjoy a fine tasting to get your strength back. + info
  • Don’t miss the area’s great handcraft tradition. Its famous lacework and ceramics fill the streets, being one of the main sources of employment along with fishing.


Below we suggest some routes to explore more fully the locality of Muxía and its beautiful surroundings.


Don’t miss anything about Muxía

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